This weeks Municipal Band concerts performed at 3:30 and 7:30 p.m. at the John E. N. Howard Band Shell in downtown St. Joseph, begin with “The Billboard March,” written by John Klohr.  The trio of this march is one of the most famous tunes in Broadway entertainment and is often used as music to bring on comedians, circus acts and other entertainment events. 


The concerts continue with “Emperata Overture,” by Claude T. Smith.  Michel Legrand has written many well known songs and the next number features an arrangement of some of these songs, which include: : “The Windmills of your Mind,” “Pieces of Dreams,” “Sweet Gingerbread Man,” and “What are you Doing the Rest of Your Life.”


Special entertainment for the concerts will be the Vi Shafer Dancers recently returned from performances at Disney World in Florida.  The Vi Shafer Dancers live in Coloma, Watervleit, South Haven, St. Joseph, Covert, Hartford and Bangor. The age of the dancers are from 9-25.  They are trained in ballet, tap and jazz and will perform in a variety of different routines with each costume being chosen specifically for that dance.  All choreography is by Vi Shafer, Director of the group.  These dancers are busy in the summer months performing at many festivals, fairs and libraries.  Former dance groups have performed all over the world.  This group will be going to Disney World in Florida to perform.  Many former students are now performing in theaters, TV, Movies and Videos.  Some hold a master’s degree in dance, while others own production companies, and some are electrical engineers in stage lighting, others are models for advertising agencies, and many dance for the love of dance.


The Band continues with the music from the hit movie of Steven Spielberg “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, composed by John Williams.  The concert concludes with “A tribute to Jerome Kern” and Richard Bowles “Burst of Flame” concert march.