The St. Joseph Municipal Band concerts scheduled for Sunday, September 3, at the John E. N. Howard Band Shell present their 12th set of double concerts of the season at 3:30 and 7:30 p.m.. 


Dr. Moely indicated the concert will feature the songs of Bette Midler performed by the duo “Star and Charlie,” the music of “Sherry K,” performing amazing music on her synthesizer, and a guest director, Alan Mitchell, Director of Bands at Andrews University.


STAR AND CHARLIE have performed together during the past five years, as musicians all along the Southwest coast of Michigan, Nebraska and Florida.  Charlie plays the Classical Guitar & Electric Guitar and back up vocals, while Star sings, plays recorder, and keyboard.  There is a professionalism depicted between the two that emits the presence of peace and romance.  They also are known for writing, composing, producing and directing their own material.  They were recently married in June of 1999.  Star and Charlie also have incorporated their rendition of dance music/material to rock the night away.  Their music caters to all crowds.  Charlie has been playing the guitar professionally over 34 years and has also been teaching guitar for the past 14 years when he’s not on the road.  His styles include Rock, Country, Jazz, Blues and Originals.  His love for the Classical, however, is seen clearly.  His own interpretations also move in the classical pieces he plays so well. Charlie has a Degree in Audio Engineering.  He has opened for bands in California such as Huey Lewis and the News, Gatemouth Brown, Bonnie Bram and Oingo Boingo to name a few.   Star credits her love for singing, since she was eight years old, to Karen Carpenter.  In her life time of performances, Star has become experienced with vocal lessons and years of performances in Florida.. She has been performing in the Southwestern Michigan area for the past 7 years.   Star, as a vocalist and Charles her husband duo partner will join with the band in performing two of Bette Midler’s most famous songs, “The Wind Beneath My Wings,” and “The Rose.”


Moely indicated the concert will begin with a timely salute to the opening Olympics in Australia entitled  “Olympic Fanfare and Theme” by John Williams, arranged by James Curnow.   Also heard will be an artistic arrangement by a very talented contemporary composer-arranger, Frank Tichelli, entitled “Shenandoah.” 


Guest Conductor Alan Mitchell will direct the band in “Mannin Veen “Dear Isle of Man, .” by Haydn Wood, followed by “Early Light,” by Carolyn Brener.  ALAN MITCHELL is an Assistant Professor of Music at Andrews University.  His teaching responsibilities include the Wind Symphony and music education courses for the Bachelor’s and M. M. in Music Education degrees.  His performance organizations have performed throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.  Mr. Mitchell has also served as clinician, guest conductor, and adjudicator throughout the United Sates.  Prior to coming to Andrews University, he taught at Auburn Adventist Academy, Washington; Platte Valley Academy, Nebraska; John North High school, California; and in the Fountain Valley Elementary school District, California.  Mr. Mitchell holds both a B.A. and M.A. degrees in music from California State University at Along Beach.  He is currently pursuing an D.M.A. degree in Wind Conducting/Music Education at the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music.  His major conducting professors were Eugene Corcoran and Malloy Thompson.  He has received additional conducing studies from Michael Haithcook, Ron Johnson, John Whitwell, and Allan McMurray.  He has professional membership with the Music Educators National Conference, College Band Directors National Association, Michigan School Band an Orchestra Association, International Adventist Musicians Association, and the Christian Instrumental Directors Association.


The concert Sunday answers a unique request from a couple from Grand Rapids.  The couple indicated in a letter to Director Dr. Moely, that they have come to several concerts each summer for the past 15 years.  Their request will be answered when the band performs “March of the Belgian Parachutists,” by Pierre Lemmans.  


The unique intermission feature of the concert will be the synthesizer music of “Sherry K.” SHERRY K is a native of Walkerton, Indiana, professional pianist and recording artist, Sherry K attended the Indiana University School of Music in Bloomington, where she received her degree and Artist Diploma in piano performance.  Following graduation, Sherry traveled extensively across the United State, performing in dinner theaters and theme parks.  Beginning in 1991, she served four years as Musical Director at the Round Barn Theater at Amish Acres, and has spent the last six years as Musical Director at the Wagon Wheel Theater in Warsaw.  Now a resident of South Bend, Sherry performs solo concerts through the country for churches, coffee houses, women's groups, private parties, festivals, and various organizations.  Sherry enjoys playing everything from gospel and blues to classical and jazz, with much of her time spent teaching, composing and recording.  Two of her original musicals have been performed regionally.  Sherry K's latest endeavor is a CD of original instrumental music entitled "Westbound", comprised of a unique combination of styles, ranging from simple piano melodies to lush orchestrations


The band concludes the concert with the 1899 Sousa March “Hands Across the Sea.”   Sousa claimed he was impressed one evening reading a play by Frere when he came across a line in the play  “A sudden thought strikes me–let us swear an eternal friendship.”  Sousa said, “That thought immediately suggested the title ‘Hands Across the Sea,’” for the composition and within a few weeks that now famous march became a living legend.  Dr. Moely indicated that 101 years ago this last April 21, when Sousa’s band first played this march in Philadelphia’s Academy of Music, the audience loved it so much that they applauded the band back to repeat the march three more times for an encore.  Conductor Dr. Moely said, “That can’t happen this Sunday, especially during the evening concert, because after we finish our evening concert at 8:30 we have only 30 minutes to set up for the popular “Big Band” late show which is always scheduled this Sunday, the day before Labor day each year.  This year however we intend to provide the audience with some special fare during the stage change over when ‘Sherry K,’ featured performer earlier in the concert, will share some more of her music for the audience, before the St. Joseph Municipal Band “Big Band” begins its 9:00 p.m. program. 


The late show toward the end of the season with the “Big Band,” has become popular to begin the season after the Municipal Band’s opening Sunday of concerts, the last Sunday of June, and to help conclude the season with its Sunday before Labor Day late night show.  It will feature Phil Barham on the Alto Saxophone, Chris Keech, on the Tenor Saxophone, and Gary Cooper on the Trombone.  The concert will also feature the guest musicians featured in the earlier concerts of the day when “Star and Charlie,” perform another of Bette Midler’s famous songs with the Jazz Band, “From a Distance.”  ‘Star’ also performs “The Unchained Melody” with the big band’s rhythm section.   The St. Joseph Municipal Band’s “Big Band,” will also offer several of the famous well-known ‘big band’, tunes that have become favorites over the years from the 30's Big Band era.  That program concludes about 10:00 p.m.


Dr. Moely indicated the band members then go home for a quick rest only to come back and finish the season with the concluding Labor Day set of double concerts, Monday, September 4. 


The Concerts are all performed at the John E. N. Howard Band Shell on the shores of Lake Michigan in downtown St. Joseph.